Enterprise Nodes

Enterprise Nodes

Preempt performance issues and effectively run your business


When To Use Enterprise Nodes

Validate 1st mile and data center performance
Receive a clean view of performance free of internet noise to verify or rule out issues with internal systems.

Remote locations
Monitor performance and availability of intranet and SaaS applications used by employees in call centers, branch offices, or brick and mortar stores.

Development and QA
Improve application and website quality by discovering issues through continuous testing.


Manage Performance of SaaS Applications

Ensure service level agreements (SLAs) with SaaS applications like Office 365, Salesforce, and G-Suite are being met and employee productivity is not being impacted due to poor performing SaaS applications.

Measure from your offices and other locations employees are accessing SaaS application for a true picture of performance.

Benchmark performance and identify trends with historical data retention and comparative reports.

Isolate whether issues are related to WiFi, network issues, or the SaaS provider.


Manage Complexities

Pinpoint problems across different layers including your network, DNS, and vendors such as cloud and SaaS providers, or ISPs.

Test from inside the firewall or from the first mile to identify whether the problem is internal or external.

Leverage different monitor sets to support the complexity of your applications.

Collect information on Wi-Fi status with each test run to identify potential connectivity issues.


Flexible Deployment Options

Choose where and how to deploy.

Physical or Virtual
Six different sizes of physical or virtual appliances with Linux or Windows based operating systems.

Linux RPM for self-service installation on your secured CentOS or Red Hat OS.

Pricing Flexibility
Pay as you go or run unlimited tests for a flat monthly fee.

"The enterprise node is like a surgical measurement from exactly where you want to measure customer experience from. It doesn't have to be on your network. It doesn't have to be behind your firewall. It's anywhere you want to measure your customer experience."

Paul Fries, Monitoring Leader, Honeywell

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