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Digitalization is transforming consumer expectations—retailers won’t stand a chance against competitors that focus on delivering amazing shopping experiences. Poor performing sites and applications can cost you millions of dollars in lost sales and trigger widespread negative brand reviews. Catchpoint enables you to get the deepest and fastest insight into performance issues before they disrupt your customers’ shopping experience, capturing more revenue and protecting brand value.


Improve the performance of your web and mobile transactions to reduce cart abandonment and ensure a consistent, glitch-free experience.

Improve Conversion Rate

Optimize your marketing campaigns for speed and higher conversion rates across all of your revenue channels to increase campaign ROI.

Optimize POS Experience

Ensure availability of your applications and POS systems used by employees and customers in your brick and mortar locations to offer a seamless omnichannel experience.

"With Catchpoint, we can do significantly more monitoring for the same cost. We have already realized major improvements in web performance that we believe directly impact customer satisfaction."

Tom Gerhard, VP of Performance Engineering,

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