Digital Experience Management

Digital Experience Management

Provide amazing digital experiences, achieve business goals, and protect brand loyalty.

Monitor Every User Journey with Complete Visibility

Digitalization is revolutionizing customer expectations—users don’t want sites and apps that are slow or worse crash. Poor performing web, network, APIs or infrastructure can severely degrade your website or apps and cost you millions in lost sales, negatively impact your bottom line, and trigger widespread negative brand reviews. Catchpoint enables you to get the deepest and fastest insight on performance issues before they disrupt your users’ experience, achieving business goals and protecting brand loyalty.


Discover problematic areas and baseline performance of web and mobile services to continuously develop and optimize better and faster experiences anywhere, anytime.


Gain in-depth insight into all of your services and understand their impact on your end users. Correlate this data with third-party APM metrics to pinpoint the cause of performance bottlenecks.


Monitor your business-critical applications such as CRM, SCM, or order fulfillment. This allows you to preempt any performance issues that may negatively affect revenue and ensures optimal employee productivity.


"I&O leaders that do not invest in DEM run the risk of becoming increasingly irrelevant as their skills and tooling fail to keep up with exponentially growing operational complexity and increasing demand for proactive, personal and dynamic services.”

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"The ability to use our actual customer experience in our performance tests while still gathering diagnostic data has been huge."

Nate Auwerda, VP of Technology, Overstock

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