Cloud Performance Management

Cloud Performance Management

Provide amazing user experiences, reduce dev and ops cost, and achieve
business goals.

Monitor Cloud-Based Service and Provider Performance with Ease

Monitoring cloud-based applications is demanding and very complex—whether custom-built or commercial SaaS, your customers and users expect them to work anywhere they’re connected. Poor performing third-party components and service providers and APIs can provoke widespread dissatisfaction and negatively impact your bottom line. Catchpoint enables you to get the deepest and fastest insight on performance issues before they disrupt your end-users’ experience, reducing dev and ops cost and achieving business goals.


Monitor the real-time performance of all external providers and their impact on your end user experience. Get complete visibility into any bottlenecks that are affecting your business KPIs.


Gain visibility into the historical performance of your external providers. Understand their individual impact on your service delivery to continually hold those providers accountable to their SLAs.


Analyze the performance and reliability of API calls between all of your service providers to mitigate latency and potential performance degradation.

Using DEM for Cloud Performance Management

IT’s increasing reliance on SaaS and cloud providers means traditional web monitoring must evolve to meet the changing needs of a cloud-first world. Download our ebook to learn how digital experience monitoring can be used to achieve visibility into cloud performance and ensure user experiences aren’t negatively affected by the cloud evolution.

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"Catchpoint has increased our ability to recognize and resolve issues in a timely manner. We can now monitor not only the web pages, but the API directly, which has been very beneficial."

Ray Adkins, Director of IT Operations, Dominion Web Solutions

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