Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Provide amazing end-user experiences, reduce migration and ops cost, and achieve business goals.

Migrate Applications to the Cloud with Confidence

Migrating applications to the cloud is demanding and complex—your customers and users expect them to work anywhere they’re connected. Poor performing SaaS, hybrid environments, network, and 3rd party components can provoke widespread dissatisfaction and negatively impact your bottom line. Catchpoint enables you to get the deepest and fastest insight on performance issues before they disrupt your end-users’ experience, reducing migration and ops cost and achieving business goals.


Baseline and benchmark your pre-migration speed, availability, and reliability requirements of your customers and critical services, while understanding user journeys.

Assess Performance

Analyze multiple cloud providers to understand their performance and individual impact on user productivity to make the best selection.


Discover problematic areas by continuously monitoring all of your components and real users of your cloud provider. Ensure your SLAs and business goals are being met.

Using Digital Experience Monitoring to Guide Cloud Migrations

Cloud adoption is growing because of the advantages it brings in administration and flexibility. But when it comes to monitoring service levels and measuring performance, cloud introduces a host of new challenges. This ebook will help you migrate to the cloud while ensuring a consistent, reliable experience for your users.

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"In Catchpoint, you can dig into these charts to see sources and destinations, addresses, and a lot more data that becomes valuable when troubleshooting.”

Jason Evans, Director of Product, Fastly

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