Catchpoint Platform

Catchpoint Digital Experience
Intelligence Platform

Gain unprecedented insight
into your customer’s experience


Complete End-User Experience Visibility

Monitor every aspect of your customer’s experience – every interaction, every network, app, and infrastructure part – from where they are connecting to your business.

Use the Power of One
Correlate synthetic insights with real user impacts and business metrics through one platform and metadata to fine-tune your dev and ops testing, infrastructure investments, and provider decisions.

Get the Most Real World View
Monitor from where your customers are connecting with your business through the world’s largest network of vantage points to gain ISP and geographic visibility into your user’s experience.

See Everything
Monitor apps, network, infrastructure, APIs and real users to get the broadest and deepest view of all moving parts that can disrupt your user’s experience.


Deepest, Fastest Real-Time Analytics

Analyze every performance issue across the Internet and inside your enterprise using detailed data and a prescriptive approach to quickly and precisely determine root causes.

Identify Issues Faster
Analyze synthetic and real user performance data with purpose built algorithms to automatically zero in on root causes that are disrupting your user’s experience and business results.

Detect & Diagnose Anything
Receive real-time notifications and analyze performance issues that matter most with advanced alerting and visualizations to rapidly pinpoint the root cause of problems.

Analyze Data Quicker
Apply a prescriptive effort to monitoring your user’s experience with built-in contextual workflow to quickly baseline, identify, validate, and optimize your digital service delivery.


Enterprise Ready

Build your digital experience monitoring strategy to tackle the most complex, multi-cloud environments in production, in real time and at scale.

Deploy Faster
Deploy end-user experience monitoring to novice or expert roles with built-in contextual workflow, purpose-built alorithms,single sign-on (SSO), and advanced visualizations to speed adoption and decrease time-to-value.

Scale On-Demand
Expand monitoring to any level with a secure, multi-tenant software-as-a-service (SaaS) architecture to enable rapid innovation and cost-effective deployment anywhere your business demands.

Connect with Everyone
Integrate (in and out) Catchpoint performance monitoring data with your APM or other tools using pre-built integrations and open APIs to improve your dev and ops workflow and achieve your business goals.

"With Catchpoint, we can do significantly more monitoring for the same cost. We have already realized major improvements in web performance that we believe directly impact customer satisfaction."

Tom Gerhard, VP of Application Performance,

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