Ensure API Reliability

APIs integrate data, extend the functionality of applications, and drive automation.  Whether the API is from a cloud provider or built in-house, ensuring the reliability of the service does not negatively affect the digital experience is critical. API monitoring enables organizations to track and receive alerts on response times, availability, and validity of information to fully understand the health of the service.

Detect and Identify Issues Faster

Quickly resolve issues uncovered via API monitoring with trustworthy data.

  • Store response data in variables to share across tests and alert on any component 
  • Use API availability and performance thresholds to bubble up issues
  • Advance alerts with dynamic thresholds and contextual information 

<p>Detect and Identify Issues Faster</p>

Make Data-Informed Decisions

Correlate API performance to business objectives.

  • Share dashboards with key stakeholders to show user satisfaction levels
  • Debug and examine all components affecting API consumers
  • Test across backbone, last mile, and cloud providers

<p>Make Data-Informed Decisions</p>

Validate API Performance

Understand how business-critical APIs are performing across multiple geographies.

  • Authenticate with various protocols and issue requests to endpoints with any method
  • Dynamically input content with macros
  • Validate response data with JSONPath and Regex

<p>Validate API Performance</p>

"We service tens of millions of API requests everyday...as we move into developing markets it's important that we can monitor performance in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.”

Sam Madeley, Head of Technology, 7digital

5 Must-Have Features for API Monitoring

Monitor everything from development to production that can affect your end-user experience.

Multistep transaction testing
Create, validate, and manage multistep API transaction tests through a standards-based scripting language.

First and third-party analysis
Diagnose in real time and identify first and third-party performance issues.

Alert management
Trigger alerts on API performance, availability, response validation, and errors.

End-to-end API visibility
Test the end-to-end API used by apps and partners.

Trend analysis
Analyze trends and key performance indicators over time.

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