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The Only End-User Experience Monitoring Built for the Digital Era

Digitalization is changing customer expectations where applications and services must perform fast and flawlessly. And, it’s accelerating. Digital innovators are raising the stakes for improving customer (and user) experience. We are a team of monitoring veterans revolutionizing how IT professionals use data to monitor their applications and services. Our mission is to empower a new kind of IT—customer-centric IT—that’s optimized to deliver amazing digital experiences and drive business success.

The Problem We Saw

Conventional APM tools weren’t designed to keep up with the exploding shift of applications and services to cloud. They are costly and inflexible systems that have become obstacles rather than solutions to see and analyze a complete view of your customer’s experience

Alternative “digital experience monitoring” solutions are merely web performance monitoring tools, not complete solutions, that lack the complete visibility of all the moving parts that can disrupt your user’s experience - they simply weren’t designed for the digital era.

How We Solved It

We built a completely new monitoring platform guided by these principles:


Break Free from the Past

We designed a unique stateless architecture and analytics engine to stay clear from the limitations of existing architectures and ensure total data integrity


Design for Digital

We developed Catchpoint from the ground up for the cloud-centric world—to see a complete view of their customer's experiences from anywhere


Time is Money

IT professionals want to detect and fix issues, fast—we developed intelligence and visualization that reduces Mean Time to Detect

The Catchpoint Ecosystem

Catchpoint works with leading APM, incident management, collaboration and other monitoring partners so you can accelerate troubleshooting and improve service delivery.

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Our Values


Performance is the 5th P

Competing on customer experience is the key to success in the digital business era, and performance - speed and reliability - is a principal differentiator.


Seeking Truth

Every challenge has a single source of truth, and finding it is our passion.


Details Matter

Solving data challenges requires "little" data - the more granular and immediate, the better.


Innovators at Heart

We love building solutions that harness data into power.


Partnership First

We succeed by listening to our customers' challenges and working together to find solutions.


Personal Humility

We unabashedly favor humility over egoism while respecting the individual talents of our people and fostering their success.

Join Our Team

We're looking for bright, dedicated people who are passionate about turning data into solutions and creating a lasting and exciting future for you and for Catchpoint.

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