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Fix web performance issues before they impact revenue

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Fast, optimized websites convert more users and beat the competition in search

On the modern web, every second counts. If your website slows between deployments, it can hugely affect your users’ experiences, decrease conversion rates, and let the competition pass you by in search engine rankings.

To consistently deliver great websites and improve performance over time, you need the right suite of tools for monitoring key performance metrics like Core Web Vitals, Lighthouse Scores and more across all the devices, browsers, and networks your users access from.

We created Catchpoint’s Website Performance Monitoring solution to do just that. Built on the gold standard of performance testing, WebPageTest, this solution is tailor-made for front-end development and QA teams who are looking to build the future of web performance.

Deliver websites that delight and convert

Users expect their web experiences to be near-perfect. Use Catchpoint’s Website Performance Monitoring to ensure your development team is pushing fast, lightweight website code that works for users everywhere.

Users expect the best

Paint a comprehensive picture of your users’ experience by testing across browsers (not just Chrome), devices, networks, and locations. Ensure a consistently high quality brand experience no matter the user.

Dive deep and fix root cause issues

Compare and contrast test runs with the full suite of WebPageTest tools including 60fps filmstrips, highly-detailed waterfall charts, 3rd party request maps, and much more.

Stay ahead of the SEO curve

Even slight slowdowns in web performance can be hugely costly. Leverage Catchpoint’s Website Performance Monitoring to catch performance issues in testing or in the wild before they impact SEO scores.

Monitor and alert performance metrics

Use the new Catchpoint Smartboard to track all important performance metrics like Core Web Vitals, Lighthouse Scores, PageSpeed scores and more. Set performance budgets and alerts to remediate any issues before they impact revenue.

Shift-left performance testing

Use the WebPageTest API to privately test sandboxed websites from global locations with real browsers. Integrate seamlessly into your CI/CD process to eliminate unexpected slowdowns.

Powered by WebPageTest, the gold standard

Developed and maintained by industry pioneers in open-source for over 10 years, WebPageTest has earned a reputation as the gold standard for performance testing.

Trusted by industry titans

Not only does WebPageTest have the best dev tools available, it’s also the most accurate performance test available. Major companies and browsers use WebPageTest to improve their web performance and test their own telemetry.

Built by our community

Over the last 10 years, the WebPageTest community has pioneered the forefront of the WebPerf industry, building and maintaining our ever-growing library of world-class development tools.

Build and maintain a culture of performance

Modern websites are increasingly complex, relying on countless tools, libraries, 3rd party dependencies, and more. Teams across all departments contribute code and content that can have subtle, or occasionally major, impacts on performance that can make or break revenue targets.

Competitive companies recognize the impact website performance can have, and so view performance as core to their business strategies. Catchpoint’s Website Performance Monitoring solution helps your company track the right metrics and implement performance-minded development in every step, and can help bring you closer to a culture of performance.