Your business requires a resilient Internet

For your customers, workforce, website, applications, and networks

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Troubleshoot faster across the Internet Stack

Gain operational visibility with Catchpoint Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM). Find out how

Detection rate
Faster triage
False positive reduction
More coverage than
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The Internet is your new network

For decades, everything was on your local, on-prem network and companies invested in managing, monitoring and troubleshooting this. Today, however, the Internet is your network and its resilience is critical for you to deliver any customer or employee digital experience.

Catchpoint’s born-in-the-cloud IPM platform was designed from the outset to help you proactively catch issues across the Internet Stack (routers, firewalls, ISPs, DNS, CDNs, cloud services, website payment providers, video hosting services, etc.)

Our custom-built database, Orchestra, serves as the data analysis underpinnings of our platform, providing operational intelligence at a granular level. You can slice and dice real-time data on the fly and present information in fully customizable dashboards – to gain the most holistic view of your customer and workforce digital experiences.

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Instantly see live critical service or application status

Visually understand the Internet dependencies impacting service or application performance at a glance with Catchpoint’s unique Internet Stack Map. By viewing every system and service your application depends upon in an interactive, real-time, and automatically generated status map, you can immediately diagnose issues and slash MTTI and MTTR.

Only Catchpoint’s IPM can provide detailed, automatic, and interactive service/application-specific maps that simplify troubleshooting and show you external systems beyond the visibility of APM.

Stop Internet outages in their tracks. We can help.

Robin Schenck

QA and Release Manager

If you really want to go to bed at night and not worry about your website, you’ll consider Catchpoint.
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Operational ANALYTICS

Drill down fast to the data that matters

Anticipate, measure and pinpoint issues fast with rich analytics born of globally distributed signal intelligence, providing immediate insight into wherever your customers or employees are across the globe.


Integrate seamlessly with your existing tools

Accelerate troubleshooting through hundreds of packaged integrations and open APIs that push Catchpoint data wherever you need it to go.

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An ally to partner with

Whenever you need support, we’re there to provide it. If you want to invest in Managed Services, our expert professional services team can review current test setup and implement best practices as well as providing 24/7 incident management.

SLO Tracking

Automate, track, and visualize your SLO performance

Harness our intuitive SLO Tracking to align IT investments with business results and hold service providers accountable. Easily create SLOs based on performance metrics, gain greater control over rules for how a metric meets or violates SLO criteria, and see details at a glance with our improved SLO data visualization.

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