SRE and devops

Deliver reliable experiences at scale and with ease

For your customers, workforce, website, applications, and networks

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Performance expectations for digital experiences have never been higher

User expectations can be unrelenting. To really stand out, you have to solve for the ever-increasing complexity of producing and delivering of digital experiences as quickly and smoothly as possible — for everyone, everywhere. Catchpoint’s observability platform minimizes that complexity as your centralized, single pane of glass for all of your digital performance data.

of SREs lack
full-stack visibility
delay in page load
hurts conversions by 7%
of major incidents are
caused by third parties
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Produce and deliver faster code

Analyze how your distributed digital systems perform both in and beyond the cloud using objective observers at vantage points across the internet.

Detailed analytics

Tag releases and other events for objective comparative analysis across all percentiles.

Full spectrum of services

Take advantage of full-stack observers to actively test more than just web or code.

Performance regressions and optimizations

Save on spend by incorporating performance testing earlier on in your workflow, when problems are cheaper to fix.

Deep linking and tracing

Trace experience symptoms through your digital delivery chain, down to individual lines of code or other causes.

Integrated incident management

Combine siloed data sources to proactively manage incidents in real time before users notice.

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Real-time, actionable intelligence

Route traffic to different providers before users are impacted to maintain a smooth digital experience.

Smart incident management ecosystems

Use AI-powered Smartboards or an array of API capabilities to power incident management ecosystems.

Rooted in business context

Troubleshoot across physical, virtual, or cloud and connect the health of IT to the health of the business.

SLO and SLI transparency

Stateless architecture provides trust and assurance for irrefutable SLO data and instant alerting abilities.

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Insights to third-party platforms

Actively observe third-party platforms like DNS or CDN where traditional agent-based or systems monitoring has no reach.

Prepare for the future of app hosting

Observe critical user journeys and transactions at the edge as more parts of the app become hosted in CDNs.

Monitors as code

Provision or deprovision monitors as part of an automation strategy.



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