SaaS Experience Monitoring

A dual approach to Digital Employee Experience (DEX) Monitoring keeps employees productive, increases transparency, minimizes MTTR, and helps you hold vendors accountable.

Top monitoring challenges

lack of ownership

De-centralized IT teams means there's no central hub that owns monitoring

Visibility gaps

Changes to IT Ops environments come faster than internal monitoring strategies can evolve

Grunt work

Non-stop alert investigation and script maintenance are a constant burden on IT teams

Missed Revenue

Failure to identify page optimizations or manage SLAs can hurt your bottom line


Understanding your employee’s SaaS experience

True end-to-end visibility starting with the employee’s device
Pinpoint local issues affecting performance and accessibility by monitoring from everywhere – call centers, branch offices, airplanes, and coffee-shops
Correlate business KPIs and outcomes to employee experience of SaaS performance and availability


Active and passive monitoring

Active monitoring of SaaS applications to get data driven alerts about current and imminent disruptions
See real-time experience details with passive monitoring of every employee-SaaS application interaction
Save time dealing with repeat and duplicate support tickets by proactively alerting users of performance degradations


Hold Vendors Accountable

Enforce SLAs with neutral, expert, third-party data – don’t leave it up to vendors to manage SLA breaches
Compare potential providers when evaluating tools, to ensure they conform to their stated capabilities
3 years of historical data gives insight into the impact of changes to your or the vendor’s infrastructure

How it works

DEX Synthetics

Out-of-the-box, maintenance-free monitoring

DEX Sonar


“Many parts of Autodesk’s business – from customer support to operations – rely upon SaaS applications like for important functions. Catchpoint’s SaaS monitoring and alerting help the IT team keep our lines of business up and running."

Samy Senthivel, Manager of Enterprise App Performance & Automation

How Catchpoint SaaS Experience Monitoring works

Monitoring 3rd-party SaaS applications is different from monitoring applications and infrastructure you own. Agents and JS tags can’t be installed on SaaS platforms. Further, to get true end-to-end visibility, SaaS applications must be monitored from the same dispersed locations and devices from which your users access the tools.  

Catchpoint Sonar grants visibility from the devices themselves, and SaaS Synthetic Monitoring uses on premise nodes combined with our global node network. DevOps and Corporate IT teams receive immediate notifications with detailed telemetry when a performance problem is identified, allowing the IT team to proactively alert their internal customers, resolve local issues, and work with the SaaS provider to restore satisfactory service.  

Effective SaaS Monitoring requires end-to-end visibility of the delivery chain, including the user device.  And it has to be easy – Catchpoint provides out-of-the-box templates so your team can focus on mission critical tasks and avoid the cumbersome coding and maintenance of the scripts needed to monitor SaaS applications. As more of your business-critical operations rely on SaaS tools and platforms, monitoring those tools is critical to keeping employees productive, increasing transparency, minimizing MTTR, holding vendors accountable, and taking back control.

SaaS Experience Datasheet