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Catchpoint will buy out the rest of your Dynatrace contract for up to six months. Get started now without paying for two solutions at once.


Cloud-only Synthetic Cons

Less geographic coverage

Tests are limited to cloud locations. If you care about testing in APAC, this is a serious problem.

less isp visibility

You can no longer pinpoint ISP issues — leaving you in the dark on critical issues.

less accurate measurements

Data from the cloud varies significantly. These variations cause false-positive nightmares.

Less reliable infrastructure

When the cloud goes down, so do your synthetic tests.

Cloud & Backbone Pros

More geographic visibility

A much larger geographic node coverage means you don't miss regional outages.

More clarity into root causes

Tests span the entire delivery chain, including ISPs, allowing you to pinpoint critical issues immediately.

more confidence in your data

Backbone nodes eliminate noise. This provides accurate data and reduces false positives.

more reliable infrastructure

You're never in the dark at critical moments.

"I've used a lot of monitoring tools, and Catchpoint stands out from the pack. There are so many nodes and so many features, and we're always able to present the data that's important in any fashion that we want."

Samir Jafferali, Edge Performance SRE

Experience a fully-supported migration

Catchpoint's Safeswitch program provides a dedicated team for migrating your Dynatrace Synthetic Classic tests—with 24/7 support and onboarding.

Migrate to more

As you look ahead to a painstaking migration, this is a great opportunity to evaluate Catchpoint’s. We’re committed to Synthetic and want to make sure you have the opportunity to evaluate our platform.


More nodes from more vantage points


More tests spanning the entire delivery chain


More insights powered by multi-variate analytics


More support with 6 month migration and managed monitoring at no cost