Transform data into business-critical insights

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Data is the differentiator
for success at scale

Business success depends on how effectively IT and Platform Ops teams can handle the ever-increasing volume and variety of data that needs to be ingested, monitored, analyzed, and transformed into crisp, precise actions. Catchpoint’s observability platform empowers you to make the most of your data, no matter what type or where it’s pulled from.

organizations use multiple
same-service providers
average cost of a network
outage per minute
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Leverage modern observability for today’s complex IT environment

Maintain your existing monitoring and observability strategies for your users, network, and applications, while also preparing for the future.

Hybrid everything is no problem

Gain real-time observability into your enterprise, cloud, and hybrid architectures.

Multi-dimension analytics

Triage and identify root cause faster with advanced analytics capabilities.

Full-stack visibility

Visualize service reliability health across the network, infrastructure, application, and client.

Real-time intelligence

Stay proactive with always-on AI-powered smartboards, dashboards, alerts, and APIs.

Their support has been fantastic - really taking the time to show us new features as they come out - and they are coming out with new features very frequently.

Charles Conley
IT Ops Manager
Cox Automotive

Reduce SLA violations and disputes

Rely on Catchpoint as your objective, third-party mediator to provide irrefutable data for the defense or enforcement of SLAs.

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High-fidelity, granular data

Pinpoint where problems lie, using unparalleled data sets collected from objective global observers.

Long-term raw data retention

Recalculate any dimensional data on the fly for trending insights, SLA reporting, or lengthy SLA disputes.

Centralized on one platform

Consolidate tooling and reduce “platform switch fatigue” by relying on one platform for active and passive observability.

Collaborative and approachable

Share the correct data with internal or external partners to tear down silos and reduce resolution and playbook times.



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