Holiday Performance Monitoring Assessment

Get a full monitoring team at your disposal when you need it most at no cost.

Let’s face it...

We are in uncharted waters this holiday shopping season.

With Amazon’s Prime Day unofficially kicking-off another, less predictable holiday shopping season, the need for auditing your eCommerce website’s usability lets you ensure you keep pace with competitors and customer expectations.

So, is Black Friday dead?

Not quite, but many businesses are shifting from single to seasonal sales events.

That's why we're offering two-weeks of monitoring and 24x7 on-call support at no-cost anytime between October 15, 2021 and January 15, 2022.

Program Overview


Eliminate Blind Spots and Establish Baselines

Proactive Monitoring Across Your Service Delivery Chain

During the program’s first week, your Performance Team will examine your current monitoring strategy and add tests and alerts to increase visibility and better detect performance issues.

Your Performance Team will replicate all tests running on your current monitoring solution in your new Catchpoint account.

New tests will be created and configured to assure that you’re covered from every angle.

The Performance Team will help prepare a playbook that follows your existing on-call process in case any incidents occur.


Optimized Incident Management During Peak Traffic

Equip Your Team with Expert
On-Call Support

During your high-traffic sales period, your 24/7 on-call Performance Team will be proactively monitoring your web and mobile sites and services to detect any outages, partial outages, bottlenecks, and degradations. The Performance Team will receive all alerts, review data, and should a P0 issue occur, they’ll act as an extension of your internal on-call team helping to troubleshoot and communicate through your team’s preferred channel.


Follow-Up Reports and Recommendations

Get a statistical breakdown of how well you performed

One week after the program ends, you will receive a comprehensive report detailing your performance. The analysis will include monitoring data, how you benchmarked against key competitors, and recommendations on performance optimizations.

"As a manager, I also like that I can go to bed at night, knowing that I have a dedicated team from Catchpoint that is going to be looking at our site, 24x7." 

Robin Schenck
Quality Assurance Manager