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Thryv + Catchpoint = Delivering a Reliable and Consistent Digital Experience

Thryv, Inc is a leading end-to-end customer experience platform catering to small businesses. The platform offers everything a small business owner needs to easily manage all the different tools they use. Thryv serves over 350,000 clients, and delivering optimal performance to every customer is high priority. Thryv uses Catchpoint to enhance end-user experience and to ensure their services are available to all customers all the time. Thryv partnered with Catchpoint for:

Proactive observability and digital experience monitoring

Rapid and accurate troubleshooting and incident resolution

2,313 employees
$1 Billion
Dallas, TX
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The following is based on an interview with Paul Sheth, director of IT infrastructure at Thryv. It has been edited for clarity.

My name is Paul Sheth and I'm the director of IT infrastructure at Thryv, Inc. We have more than 350,000 clients that use our end-to-end customer experience platform to integrate their businesses - like the big boys, but without paying the same prices. We need to not only make sure that our services are up and running with our providers in the cloud, but also that if we have issues and concerns, we’re able to pinpoint with accuracy where the issues are and then point them out to those cloud providers to help them resolve them quickly.


We use Catchpoint for our performance culture. It's our main bread and butter. They monitor the uptime, the availability percentage, the error rates for our web properties, our application properties, and our services properties, and make sure that everything from our APIs to the front-facing web services (from the shopping carts to how we check-in, check out and everything else), continues to perform as expected.

When we talk about the most important SaaS-based tools we have, Catchpoint is inevitably on the top end of our list. We have CRM tools that exist in the cloud that we use today. There are other tools that we use for events from our marketing team. We have other tools such as email and other pieces that are all provisioned in the cloud. These are all pretty much monitored by Catchpoint today. So, everything from sales order entry all the way to day-to-day usage of our intranet, to email, to Teams, our collaboration suites, et cetera, are all monitored by Catchpoint.


Catchpoint has been singularly instrumental in making sure that I can respond to internal customer needs and also how we can release time from me, my team and others, to really focus on delivering value to the business. Because we're taking less time to troubleshoot issues and concerns, we can give that time back to our business to say, “What can we help you with?” and “How can we solve additional other problems for you?”

Without Catchpoint, I would need to add at least another three to four resources to manage all the work that Catchpoint does today.