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Online Stores

Huge Performance Improvement of 3-4 Seconds Per Page With Catchpoint
Second page load time decrease

Online Stores, Inc. is an eCommerce company based in New Stanton, Pennsylvania, specializing in niche retail markets. Its best-selling products include American flags, tea, and safety equipment. The privately owned company employs approximately 100 people and includes eight stores:,,,,,,, and

Online Stores partnered with Catchpoint to:

  • Help solve problems, like slow page loads and timeouts.
  • Reveal issues involving third parties.
  • Monitor daily and weekly trends on various pages.
  • Decrease mean time to resolution (MTTR).
  • Improve troubleshooting.
$46 Million
New Stanton, PA

Scatterplot graphs illustrating daily and weekly trends on diferent types of retail pages (product, category, info, etc.) have been very beneficial to our team. It's easy to spot performance trends and trace downward trends back to a specific action or code release.

Jess Turner
Senior Web Developer


Online Stores performs thousands of transactions on a daily basis. The success of these transactions depends largely on the performance of the website, so it’s imperative that their site is running optimally.

In order to insure their websites run smoothly and consistency, with no latency or outages to impact customer experience, Online Stores turned to Catchpoint to help build its observability strategy.


Online Stores utilizes Catchpoint’s active monitoring tool to slice and dice data until the problem is solved. The easy-to-use tool creates the optimal troubleshooting environment, which has lead to a decrease in MTTR and played an integral role in solving major performance issues.

  • Scatterplot graphs have provided acute insight into the causes of latency.
  • MTTR has decreased, specifically for problems that might not be readily apparent with other monitoring solutions.
  • Catchpoint analytics to delve into their data and quickly understand the issue.
  • Catchpoint Hosts and Zones in order to identify issues involving third parties.


Performance has improved tremendously for Online Stores since deploying Catchpoint.

  • Significant performance improvement of 3-4 seconds per page.
  • Discovery of major performance problems deriving from eCommerce platform.
  • Performance optimization for more successful transactions.