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HK Express

Eliminating The Need For Help Desk To Troubleshoot
Reduction in time troubleshooting
False alerts

HK Express is Hong Kong’s first and only low-cost carrier. Focusing on providing low fares and on-time reliability, HK Express brought true competition to the Hong Kong market and surrounding region. Since the company's first flight on October 27, 2013, HK Express has added new destinations to its route portfolio.

HK Express set up Catchpoint's monitoring strategy to ensure exceptional customer experiences on their sites in new and emerging Asian markets such as Japan, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Saipan.

HK Express partnered with Catchpoint to:

  • Identify and troubleshoot issues with latency and availability through active observability and alerting.
  • Duplicate the online browsing, selection, and checkout process to ensure performance at every step.
  • Provide in-depth insight into performance data from around the world.
  • Maintain high customer satisfaction through optimum system performance of their Loyalty Program platform.
  • Evaluate and ensure performance of content delivery networks (CDNs).
$138.5 Thousand
Hong Kong

Our monitoring tools and processes produced too many false alerts. With Catchpoint, however, we can filter and analyze alerts more efficiently, meaning that we can immediately handle a positive alert without delay.

Tommy Kok
Web IT Infrastructure Manager


Today’s hyper-connected travelers expect an excellent experience from any location, and across any communications device they use. The travelers’ ability to view, review, consume, and perform every step digitally from searching for a flight, selecting, paying, processing their own boarding pass, choosing multiple additional services, and sharing their experiences socially has changed the travel industry.

Airlines like HK Express now need to offer a richer, more personalized shopping experience to travelers, not only when selling directly, but also through their partners in the travel market.

Ancillary services are a crucial part of HK Express’ long-term business strategy to broaden revenue streams, as well as key components of their mission to provide more choices for their guests as they experience travel that’s convenient, affordable, and enjoyable. As a result, the availability and reliability of these services on their global sites is key.


Before using Catchpoint, HK Express relied on feedback from the customer service help desk teams based across Asia. This was mostly complaints from customers trying to access and interact with their sites from their key geographic locations.

Not only was this process incredibly time consuming, it was also a drain on resources and proved to be detrimental to the business from a cost perspective. In addition, poor digital experience undermined the excellent brand that HK Express had built over the years.

To get the best possible view of the customers’ digital experience and do so most cost-efficiently, the HK Express IT team built web transaction tests using Catchpoint’s customizable Selenium scripting tool. This enabled them to include multiple steps such as browsing, item selection, coupon code input, and checkout processes, with evaluation of the performance at each step along the way.

When analyzing these transaction tests, the team uses Catchpoint’s scatterplot charting function to quickly and easily identify errors or excessive load times in their Javascript elements on the page. Each instance can be isolated and analyzed to get to the root cause of the problem within minutes.

As HK Express serves customers in multiple Asian countries, one of the biggest challenges that they have is their reliance on third-party vendors such CDN providers. When there’s a problem with one of these services, HK Express utilizes Catchpoint data to pinpoint the time and impact of the observed change, which helps speed up the troubleshooting process.

HK Express utilizes Catchpoint’s active observability solution to slice and dice data until the problem is solved. The easy-to-use tool creates the optimal troubleshooting environment, which has led to a decrease in Mean Time to Recovery (MTTR) and played an integral role in solving major performance issues.

Using the in-depth analytics at their disposal and in particular Catchpoint’s Instant Test feature, HK Express can automatically correlate internal data with active monitoring metrics to diagnose problems and rapidly find root causes across complex architectures.


Thanks to the level of insight that it provides, Catchpoint has become an integral part of the way HK Express monitors their products. By using the backbone and last mile nodes that Catchpoint has placed in over 685 locations around the globe, including in remote areas across China, HK Express is able to perform sophisticated analysis over several dimensions of data.

Perhaps more important, the drastic reduction in false alerts and error-filled data has been hugely beneficial to the HK Express operations team. That, combined with the improved ability to identify and troubleshoot problems through the Catchpoint scatterplot and waterfall charts, has freed up a huge amount of time for them to focus on other activities.

"Without Catchpoint, our monitoring tools and processes produced too many false alerts. Now we work more efficiently, meaning that we can immediately handle a positive alert without delay, said Tommy Kok, HK Express Web IT Infrastructure Manager.

"Additionally, because of Catchpoint’s global node coverage, we don't need to have a help desk in that country to help with troubleshooting, which naturally has a huge impact on the business."

Utilizing Catchpoint, HK Express is considerably improving their average page load time on their Loyalty Program platform, which is hosted on a different domain, primarily by isolating and either fixing or removing any page elements that were having an adverse effect on theircustomers’ online experiences.

No longer having to spend hours or even days at a time just trying to sift through data including numerous help desk tickets and determine what is actionable and what isn’t has meant an 80% reduction in the amount of time that they spend on diagnosing problems.

One overwhelming result is that HK Express no longer has the need for physical help desks in every location to act as troubleshooters, as the monitoring solution alerts the team of performance and availability issues before they impact their customers.