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Bringing Site Up Time To Nearly 100%
Improvement in page load times

Dreamlines is the leading international online portal for cruise holidays. With its headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, Dreamlines employs people in offices in France, Italy, Brazil, Russia, the Netherlands, and Australia.

Dreamlines partners with Catchpoint to:

  • Ensure site speed and availability across all localized websites globally.
  • Identify performance issues with third-party tags on their international sites.
  • Evaluate performance trends across multiple locations globally.
$41 Million
Fort Lauderdale, FL

I need to make sure our customers in every country enjoy great experiences on our localized websites at all times, and Catchpoint provides me with the detailed insights that I need to enable this.

Arjan van der Meer
Chief Technology Officer


The cruise market, with its outstanding growth and high margins, is one of the most attractive sectors in the travel market. To offer customers with the most comprehensive choice, Dreamlines’ portfolio consists of over 30,000 cruises operated by more than 100 cruise lines.

Dreamlines’ goal is to become the global market leader and revolutionize how cruise holidays are booked by combining innovative, customer friendly technology with access to high quality independent advice from local Dreamlines advisers.

Dreamlines success is founded on a “Think global, act local” philosophy. It is important that the business has the most efficient systems in place to monitor the performance of its customer-facing applications anywhere in the world. As a truly international online travel business, Dreamlines needs to know how each localized website performs from the perspective of local consumers.

“Just because the website performs well for one part of Germany doesn’t mean that it performs well for the entire country. And when problems occur, we need to be able to pinpoint the cause and correct the problem as quickly as possible," says Dreamlines CTO Arjan van der Meer.


Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Arjan van der Meer selected Catchpoint because the solution offers the most comprehensive observability platform available coupled with extremely powerful analytical capabilities.

Critically, Catchpoint helps Dreamlines detect website application problems before their customers do. The solution observes website and mobile applications across their localized sites and then alerts Arjan and his team when any performance issues occur. Dreamlines can then use Catchpoint to identify the root cause of performance issues and take immediate action.

The solution also works well for benchmarking application performance and for managing SLAs with third-party vendors such as content delivery partners, which is especially important given the nature of Dreamlines global presence.

Historical performance visibility also helps Dreamlines maintain a competitive edge. In addition to acting as an observability tool and a reference for diagnosing application issues, Catchpoint also proves helpful when reviewing application performance history. Dreamlines conducts in-depth performance reviews after busy time periods, such as peak holiday seasons, and having historical monitoring allows the company to see what was going on that impacted website performance.

“This is key because we need to make sure our websites keep performing better than our competitors,” Arjan says.

One of the Catchpoint features that Arjan particularly appreciates is website observability from multiple locations around world. This allows Dreamlines to see if users from one region or one city are experiencing slow response times as well as the number of locations experiencing difficulties.

“Other services offer this feature, but they only provide one or maybe two monitoring locations and sometimes they generate false positives,” Arjan points out. “It’s great that Catchpoint uses over 500 monitoring locations in different geographies that tell us if a website function is truly down.”

Dreamlines has multiple websites that are very much localized for the individual country, so the German website is different from the Brazilian website and so on. Each of these websites needs to be up and running optimally for that specific country. Each site is customized for its local audience, so Dreamlines needed a solution with a global node based system that observes the different websites from the locally relevant nodes, to provide accurate performance metrics by geography.


Like any travel or eCommerce company, Dreamlines will lose business if their sites are slow or unresponsive. This means pages loading in four seconds or less, as well as availability as close to 100% as possible.

Thanks to Catchpoint’s customizable analytical capabilities and innovative alerting systems, Dreamlines has been able to achieve 40% improvement in page load times and deliver consistent availability goals.

Catchpoint provides Dreamlines with immediate problem-notification assurance. During the past year the solution has become one of the most trusted sources of information that Arjan turns to in order to determine whether or not problems with the website or an application are actually occurring.

“The solution works so well on its own that we rarely need technical support, and we rarely worry about whether it’s working,” Arjan adds. “If a problem occurs, we can rest assured Catchpoint will notify us immediately which allows us to diagnose and correct the problem as quickly as possible. I need to make sure our customers in every country enjoy great experiences on our localized websites at all times, and Catchpoint provides me with the detailed insights that I need to enable this.”