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Canva Turns to Active Observability to Drive Global Expansion and Improve User Experience

Canva is an online visual communications platform used by more than 55 million content creators. While catering to a global community of creators, including small businesses and large enterprises, Canva needs to ensure its services are reliable and available from anywhere in the world, be it China or the US. Canva worked with Catchpoint to create:

  • Unparalleled performance visibility from any location around the world.
  • Easy, seamless integration with multiple third-party incident management and data analysis tools.
  • Insight to make informed decisions for infrastructure scaling and deployment.
2,000 employees
$420 Million
Surry Hills, New South Wales, Australia

With Catchpoint synthetic monitoring, we gain insight into what's happening beyond our data centers. This additional insight positions us to proactively ensure availability and a great performance experience for our 50 million users around the world.

Software Engineer


Being the collaboration platform of choice for millions of people around the world means that Canva must be readily available and perform at the highest standard. With more than 100 designs being created every second, ensuring near-perfect availability and performance is no small feat.

The need for additional insight into performance and reliability took on a new urgency as the company launched Canva in China. The company needed to understand the user experience by proactively probing its site from multiple locations.  New infrastructure and technology was needed to ensure engineers had real-time reporting and insight into potential network and performance issues. Specifically, Canva needed to deliver high-quality, relevant monitoring data to its developers so they could effectively respond to any incidents. The company also needed to ensure constant monitoring in China that would continue to scale globally.


After evaluating Catchpoint’s digital experience monitoring solution, Canva chose the platform several reasons:

Comprehensive coverage and powerful analytical tools. With decades of experience in monitoring and more than 150 observation nodes available for performance monitoring in China, Catchpoint was the perfect solution to resolving the Canva's challenges. The company was also impressed with powerful analysis tools that make it easy to pinpoint and visualize issues, and a traceroute feature to extract information from responses. The company also appreciated the Catchpoint solution engineer who provided extensive knowledge of networking and troubleshooting as Canva was evaluating Catchpoint. The in-depth trainings complemented Catchpoint’s deep knowledge on China’s unique network situation.

Enabling smart expansion. As Canva continues to experience rapid growth, the company is also expanding its Amazon Web Services (AWS) footprint. Calling upon Catchpoint, the company can make informed decisions about where and when to deploy more infrastructure. Expanding the front layer of its infrastructure to other regions so requests can be served faster, Canva will use Catchpoint to determine whether performance is significantly better for users served by a data center closer to them. This enables the company to better decide in which regions to deploy new data centers.

Integration with key tools. Catchpoint has become an essential tool in Canva’s monitoring efforts, empowering the company’s developers to ensure the platform works as intended. In addition, Canva has seen more value from other monitoring tools by integrating them with Catchpoint.


Seamless integration between Opsgenie and Catchpoint means Catchpoint alerts about issues such as downtime are sent to the on-call team of engineers.


With Catchpoint, Canva is equipped to proactively address potential issues that can affect the availability and performance of its platform. Rather than relying on users and the support team for information to aid with debugging, the engineering team can quickly access insightful information as needed. This alleviates the burden on the support team while empowering them to provide useful updates to the community. Whether detecting issues before users do or providing developers and users with accurate information about what is happening beyond its data centers, Canva is positioned to stay ahead of issues and deliver a continually better experience.