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Gaining Efficiencies and Insights With Catchpoint

AutoScout24 is Europe’s largest online car marketplace. Over 10 million users visit and more than 2.4 million vehicle offers are made monthly on its sites. The company is present in 18 countries and has more than 45,000 member dealers. Founded as MasterCar AG in Munich in 1998, it is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Scout24 Group, to which ImmobilienScout24 belongs as well. The two digital marketplaces empower people to fulfill their dreams for real estate and cars by making the entire experience simple, efficient, and stress-free.

AutoScout24 partnered with Catchpoint to:

  • Proactively test and measure web performance and reliability at a granular level.
  • Uncover business-critical opportunities for web improvement and optimization.
  • Maintain high customer satisfaction through optimal platform performance.
  • Evaluate and ensure performance of content delivery networks (CDNs).
250-500 employees
$76 Million
Munich, Germany

The speed and the reliability of a page has a direct impact on our conversion rate and how our customers experience the brand. If you have a webpage that's offline all the time that has a negative impact on your brand. Quite simply Catchpoint provides me with the deep intelligence that I need to avoid this happening.

Daniel Hesse
Senior WebOp Engineer


The nature of their industry, connecting the sellers and the buyers of cars, means that speed and performance are core to what AutoScout24 does.

With so many users relying on AutoScout24 to help them deliver an amazing customer experience, AutoScout24 needed a performance analytics solution to give them as much insight as possible into their state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology.

It also was vital that the company received end-to-end visibility into every step of the process that takes place whenever an end user tries to load a page from AutoScout24’s platform.

AutoScout24 constantly looks for ways to improve the customer experience through technology. With this in mind, the technology team knew that when it came time to migrate its operations and previous observability test types to a completely new infrastructure, that platform would need to be thoroughly vetted by comparing the performance of the new with the old environment.


To effectively observe all of the different first- and third-party elements on their site, AutoScout24 needed the ability to identify and isolate all of those elements as close to real time as possible. The best way that they’ve been able to do that is through the Catchpoint waterfall charts. This gives the performance team the visualizations they need to not only see which items on the page are affecting user experience, but by exactly how much.

Additionally, AutoScout24 takes full advantage of the filmstrip feature within the Catchpoint waterfall, which is a huge help to the performance team when explaining the effect of poor performance to the business team. Displaying exactly what the user is seeing as the different page elements are rendering on the screen makes it easy for the less IT-savvy decision makers understand the real-world effect of all the different metrics that are captured.

AutoScout24 utilizes Catchpoint’s proactive observability tool to slice and dice data until the problem is solved. The easy-to-use tool creates the optimal troubleshooting environment, which has led to a decrease in Mean Time to Recovery (MTTR) and played an integral role in solving major performance issues.

Daniel Hesse, senior WebOp engineer at the company, particularly appreciates the scatterplot graphs, as they have provided acute insight into the causes of latency. He uses Catchpoint analytics to delve into data and quickly pinpoint the exact source of the problem and take the necessary steps to fix it.

Whether that means switching to a different content delivery network (CDN), changing or disabling a poorly performing element on the page, or reconfiguring something within their own servers, the data provided by Catchpoint’s analytics tool provides the insights needed to ensure their platform’s optimal performance.

"The speed and the reliability of a page has a direct impact on our conversion rate and how our customers experience the brand. If you have a webpage that's offline all the time, that has a negative impact on your brand. Quite simply, Catchpoint provides me with the deep intelligence that I need to avoid this happening," Hesse says.


Utilizing Catchpoint, AutoScout24 has improved their average page load time considerably, primarily by isolating and either fixing or removing any page elements that  had an adverse effect on their customers’ online experiences. AutoScout24 uses Catchpoint’s historical data, which stores test metrics for up to three years, to benchmark their performance against how they’ve performed in the past.

“I have seen other tools in the past, but troubleshooting and diagnosis was not so simple as they were not always easy to adjust correctly. With Catchpoint, you can instantly find the issue and fix it properly,” he says.

Catchpoint has enabled AutoScout24 to discover areas of opportunities for web improvement, significantly increase web speed, reduce triage and troubleshooting to minutes, and achieve overall operational efficiency. This improvement in the troubleshooting process enables the AutoScout24 performance team to devote less time to reacting to issues and more to upgrading their different online properties.

“Within AutoScout24 we are seeing a broadening audience for performance results. Before it was just the operations team, but what we see now is all the developers across the IT organization have more and more ownership of their applications, because they can see in Catchpoint the direct impact of the changes that they made in the code or in the infrastructure at any given time,” says Johannes Müller, infrastructure architect at AutoScout24.