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Don’t fly blind with cloud-only monitoring

Pilots don’t like flying through clouds because they lose visibility. They receive special training on how to rely on their instruments when visibility is reduced – all they can see is the cloud. When monitoring your applications to ensure speed, reliability, and availability, don’t lose visibility by monitoring only from the cloud. Your users are accessing your website and applications from their homes, offices, and while on the road, not from the cloud. To get the most visibility into their experiences, monitor from where they are.

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Did you know?

Network times are often faster from the cloud than from broadband and backbone providers.

Issues with the cloud provider can result in false positives and alert fatigues.

Cloud locations cover broad geographies, not regional and city-level metrics.

Don’t monitor the cloud from the cloud.

Dedicated network connections between cloud data centers result in skewed performance metrics when your application is monitored from the same cloud.

Monitoring a cloud-based consumer service from the cloud only measures the performance of the cloud, not the end-user experience.

The cloud can’t help you:

Measure SLAs for services delivered from within the same cloud.

Measure SLAs for third-party providers that are in the delivery chain.

Benchmark your competitors.

Test and validate performance of CDNs, DNS providers, and SaaS applications.

Monitor network and ISP connectivity

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