Dynatrace is shutting down Gomez. Catchpoint can help.

With the only Synthetic testing network spanning hundreds of backbone and broadband locations, you can trust Catchpoint for continuous and comprehensive monitoring. We’ll even guide you every step of the way with a white-glove migration plan.

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Gomez is going away.
(and taking your backbone nodes)

Regain Visibility with Catchpoint

Gomez is gone and taking its backbone testing with it. Migrating to the new Dynatrace Synthetics will mean losing visibility of critical components that your end-users rely on. Catchpoint works alongside your APM solution to give you a complete view of your digital delivery chain – including ISP and Wireless networks – by proactively testing from the same locations used by your end-users.

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DEM - a wider lens into your digital services

Catchpoint DEM provides a wide-angle view of all the components that make up your digital services. Get insight into what your users are really experiencing – and what your cloud providers are delivering – to enforce SLAs, lower the impact of poor performance and outages, and ensure reachability across all networks.

Benefits of Catchpoint Visibility

Regain Control

Monitor networks impacting your services, including Cloud, DNS, and CDNs. Benchmark vendors and improve accountability with iron-clad data.

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Reduce MTTR

Without proactive testing from your users’ perspectives, you miss critical performance issues. Catchpoint tests from 825+ backbone, broadband, and wireless networks, and provides 20+ test types to detect, isolate, and identify the root causes of issues.

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Optimize Performance

Go beyond simple up-or-down measurements from APM Synthetics by getting visibility into internet networks, APIs, and third-party infrastructure. Use actionable telemetry to improve performance for your end-users.

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