Brand identity

The Catchpoint Brand was designed and spread through Catchpoint marketing materials to create a consistent look and feel which has formed a collection of recognizable brand assets. Follow these basic design rules to continue spreading the Catchpoint Brand everywhere we can!


Catchpoint Logo Variations

Catchpoint has four versions of the logo that are available for use. Visit Sharepoint - Marketing - Brand Guideline Documents - Catchpoint Logos to download a folder of all useable logos. Inside the downloadable folder are versions of these four logos in full color, white, black, and solid blue in PNG, SVG and JPEG form. Please use a PNG with a transparent background when placing on a colored background. The logos should have the registered mark.

Third party use of the Catchpoint Brand requires a license or written permission from Catchpoint. If you are interested in using the Catchpoint Brand such as the Catchpoint logo or any of our trademarks, contact us at to discuss your proposed use.

MAIN LOGO Horizontal Logo

Text Only Logo

Vertical Logo

Mark Only Logo

Download all Catchpoint Logos