Catchpoint Black Friday Assurance

Protect your end users on the most important shopping day of the year.

How the program works

When you sign up for the Catchpoint Black Friday Assurance program, you’ll get introduced to your Catchpoint Black Friday Team who will proactively set up, manage, and monitor your site or application, alongside your ops teams, throughout the 2019 Black Friday holiday period of November 22, 2019 to December 6, 2019. This means an additional layer of performance protection for your end users on the most important shopping days of the year.

Count on our Black Friday Experience

Our award-winning teams successfully guided over 100 customers through Black Friday 2018, managing and optimizing for some of the most challenging performance issues ecommerce sites face including:

Application issues

Poor page structure that allows slow third-parties to impact user experience

JavaScript errors

Search latency

Ability to add products to cart

Login latency

API calls to third-parties’ failures or slow performance

Payment gateway issues

Checkout user journey

Delivery Issues

DNS latency

CDN latency or broken configuration

Bottleneck between CDN and origin

Dynamic optimization malfunctioning

ISP outages or performance issues

What to expect

Before Black Friday

Increase your monitoring coverage

In the week leading up to the Black Friday holiday period, your Catchpoint team will enhance your monitoring strategy. Tests and alerts will be configured to increase visibility and to help your team better detect performance issues.

Your Black Friday Team will replicate all tests running on your current monitoring solution in your new Catchpoint account.

New tests will be created and configured to assure that you’re covered from every angle.

The team will help you prepare a playbook that can be referenced in response to any incidents or crisis.


Gain a team of on-call experts

During the Black Friday Holiday Period, your 24/7 on-call team of Catchpoint performance experts will be proactively monitoring your ecommerce site to detect any outages, partial outages, or performance bottlenecks. They’ll receive all alerts, review data, and should a P0 issue occur, they’ll act as an invaluable troubleshooting extension of your in-house team, communicating through your preferred channel.


See how you performed

One week following the Black Friday holiday period, you will receive a comprehensive report detailing your Black Friday performance. The analysis will include monitoring data, how you benchmarked against key retailers, and recommendations on performance optimizations.


Your submission was received and a Catchpoint representative will be in touch shortly. We look forward to helping you nail your performance this holiday season! In the meantime, explore our holiday prep resources below.

Digital Experience Monitoring for Ecommerce

We want you to be successful this holiday season. We developed learning resources with specific Black Friday challenges in mind to help you better prepare for the important traffic period.

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