Ensure dependably consistent, high-quality video calls

The network remains a top concern for video call performance degradation

More IP traffic traversing consumer networks, combined with expectations for instant connection from wherever your workforce logs in, makes regular delivery of high-quality VoIP and video a challenge. Zoom, Teams, or Webex - any one of those can easily end up with dropped calls, packet loss, jitter, one-way audio, high latency, and more. Internal issues lower productivity while customer, prospect, and partner calls carry even higher stakes.

Use Catchpoint's superior network performance monitoring to understand exactly what's impacting call quality.

A proactive, independent approach to video conferencing observability

Gain actionable, independent knowledge

Leverage insight from the user's device to the third-party vendor - provided by the only independent observability platform.

Determine root cause

Swiftly figure out the root cause of an interruption. Is it the device, application, or network?

Get a comprehensive view of your voice and video calls

View a single teleconferencing performance dashboard to identify potential areas of concern.

Prevent service interruptions by getting ahead of your end users

Stop performance issues

Proactively emulate calls to identify performance issues and resolve problems before end users are impacted.

Provide a failover option

Alert all employees in areas with interrupted services, so they can switch to a backup form of communication.

Quickly find network issues

Gain instant visibility into local network reachability and performance issues impacting employees.



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