Performance Insights

Your custom performance review

Drawing on our expertise supporting the world’s biggest eCommerce players, we conducted a  performance review of your home page, See below for a snapshot of our core findings.


Performance reduction in last 6 months

Help Your SREs with Visibility into Site Reliability

Comparison by City

Site Performance Consistency

Your site performance varies across US cities and there is inconsistency within the cities themselves. Your site should be consistent across all users (the difference between 25% and 95% should be as low as possible).

Help your Devs with Optimization Needs

Know Your Site’s Critical Performance Metrics

Largest Contentful Paint
Visual Rendering
Cumulative Layout Shift
Visual Stability

Achieving excellent Core Web Vitals is essential to increases in user retention and higher conversions. Address how LCP and CLS are impacting site performance.

Top Third-party Bottlenecks

We recommend you assess how third-parties are impacting performance, and hold them accountable for SLAs.

Know Your Site’s Core Web Vitals

The areas most in need of your attention are: (i) reduction of image size and (ii) ensuring static content is cached.

Catchpoint’s Professional Services team extends great value. Every 50-100ms that Catchpoint helped us save equates to approx. 1% of our overall revenue evaluation (which is $500 Billion).

Major eCommerce Retailer, US

Competitive Performance Insights: Target vs. Walmart

A fast website has never been more important. 40% of users will abandon a website that hasn't loaded by the time you finish reading this sentence.

How does your website stack up against the competition?

Home Page: Target is getting slower

Take a look at the comparison of your home page with Walmart over the last six months. Note that from April onwards, the Target homepage slowed down significantly - from 3.5s to 6s, and it continues to get slower. By contrast, from July onwards, Walmart’s performance has improved, moving from 6.5s to 4s.

Page Load Speed: Walmart is 1s faster

Our 60fps filmstrip comparison below shows that Walmart’s site loads an entire 1s faster for their users compared to yours.

Why Catchpoint?

With over 2,000 vantage points across the world, Catchpoint is the leading Internet Performance Management platform. Our cloud-native observability platform has been built over 14 years from the ground-up to help you catch anything in your internet stack before it impacts your end users across the internet. Just ask some of the world’s most innovative companies who use our solutions to gain actionable insights into customer, workforce, network, application and website experience.

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