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"Catchpoint is a great and reliable product, and I’m always impressed with the web performance monitoring tips and techniques their team provides."


Your Feedback is Our Command

With eight releases per year, we’re able to give you exactly what you request. By delivering rapid product enhancements driven by our customers’ feedback, we keep up with ever-evolving customer needs, emerging industry trends, and new technologies.

Catchpoint is providing a tool that we can use to emulate what our customers are actually experiencing, whereas a lot of the other performance providers have their own custom built thing that's faking an experience or quickly falling out of date. The ability to use our actual customer experience in our performance tests while still gathering diagnostic data has been huge.

Nate Auwerda

Overstock VP of Technology


We’re Part of Your Team

Our customers give our support team a 99% satisfaction rating for going above and beyond what’s expected. Experiencing an issue? Our technical support team is available 24x7 with a direct-connect to help you out.

Both engineers were trying to help us resolve our scripting issues. He was willing to show us how to be self-sufficient and was knowledgeable in what he was doing. We had a few sessions with him and he was very helpful.

IT Member

Leading Distributor of
Industrial Supplies


We've Been in Your Shoes

We know what it's like to have to struggle with performance issues and sift through meaningless data, which is why we created a better approach. Built to solve the real problems you deal with on a daily basis, our product and team go in hand-in-hand so you can deliver amazing user experiences.

This proved to be the easiest business case that I've ever made to the Honeywell executive team. Catchpoint paid for itself during the proof of concept period before we even signed us up as an official customer. That was a game changer for us, a real eye-opener.

Paul Fries

Honeywell Monitoring Leader


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