Understand and Improve
User Experience

Optimize Your Performance Using Real User Data

Glimpse delivers more than just real user data, it has the power to provide end-to-end visibility so you can discover
and resolve performance problems faster.

Understand User Experience

Instant analytics tell you exactly what your users are doing and if they encountered performance issues while using your service. This allows you to correlate user experience with revenue in order to build an optimization strategy.

Make Informed Decisions

Understanding your users’ experiences is a key component to creating a sound business plan. Our in-depth analytics and extensive variety of metrics make it easy to measure the impact that performance has on your bottom line.

Increase Profit

Detect issues in real time and resolve them faster to prevent the costly consequences of subpar user experiences. Leverage RUM data to reduce resources spent on troubleshooting and optimize your site to help increase conversions.

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Performance Analytics for Every Situation

Choose from our extensive variety of features and analysis options to optimize your website for better user experiences.

Utilize our extensible data to gain an in-depth look into the functioning of your systems. Get a complete view of your performance including information about your server name, domain name, processing time, and more. Simplify the complexities of your infrastructure to solve issues and reduce costs associated with wasted resources.

With enhanced data, you have total visibility into your mobile performance. Cut through the complexities of your networks to detect the source of an issue or failure. Detailed data gives you the power to make informed IT and business decisions.

Real User Measurement Features

Catchpoint Glimpse offers a wide range of RUM features to promote an effective workflow for your IT department.

Completely customizable windows deliver a view of real-time test-health and performance information for your website or application; all of which can be done without navigating to a new page or needing to refresh. Combine your synthetic and RUM data for end-to-end visibility all in one view.

View data with to-the-second granularity across over 25 metrics such as DNS, TCP Connect, Conversion Rate, and Bounce Rate. This allows you to observe any combination of parameters for whichever metric you choose. Flexible, comprehensive metrics make conduction your own segmentation and population visibility simple, yet powerful.

Glimpse is the only tool on the market that allows you to deploy our library or use your own in order to achieve ultimate flexibility.

Our extensible data allows you to extract dynamic information in order to create custom metrics and data dimensions. Features like Insight, Page Groups, Variations, and the ability to filter bots and synthetic traffic allow you to customize your monitoring strategy for your exact needs.

Clear User Data Creates a Comprehensive Visual of Performance

Turn complicated data into a simplified item with powerful visualizations and several analysis options.

Simultaneously filter and divide charts by over 20 different data attributes such as geo location, page/screen, browser, and ISP to segment data how you see fit.

Understand the impact your performance has on your revenue using engagement correlation charting. This charting option can show you how many pageviews included a particular value for various business metrics like revenue, conversions, and bounces, while also detailing the performance during that time. This allows you to track when users experienced poor performance and whether that impacted the conversion rate.

Compare side-by-side trends in historical time intervals to get an instant understanding of various pattern changes and event correlations. The variations feature allows you to measure change and compare it to other changes that are occurring simultaneously. For example, if you are sending 50% of your traffic to one CDN and 50% to another, variations allows you to compare the performance side-by-side and measure the business impact using KPIs or custom metrics.

Get an in-depth look into what matters most to your business, while also having the ability to customize your view. Custom dashboards and favorite charts provide you with a complete view of the information that is most important to your business in just a few clicks. The Glimpse pull API is incredibly flexible, so you can adapt it to fit your exact performance needs.

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