Dynatrace Integration

Dynatrace Integration

Accelerate time-to-detect and identify performance problems with
embedded PurePaths from Dynatrace.

Accelerate IT and Digital Performance Issue Resolution

When problems occur having diagnostic data at your fingertips helps reduce mean time to resolution. PurePaths from Dynatrace help you quickly correlate internal application metrics with synthetic test runs within Catchpoint. Deeplinking to AppMon PurePaths from Dynatrace enables data sharing and faster problem resolution when it matters most.

Contextualize Data

Links to Dynatrace AppMon from waterfalls and tooltips to get a complete view.

Centralize Information

Correlate Catchpoint data with internal application metrics from a single interface.

Reduce MTTR

Quickly view application diagnostics to improve incident response times.

Dynatrace AppMon Integration Guide


Catchpoint Setup

Account Setup
In the Setting menu, click on the Integrations option. This page allows you to specify the Dynatrace AppMon account information.

Name: Set the name for the Integration
URL: Write the PurePath URL in this field with the “purepathid” as it is mandatory. An example is show in the image above.
You can use the PurePath identifier format for specifying a PurePath.
More information: PurePath Explained at Dynatrace Community.
The example URL could look like:
Status: Set the status as active.

Test Setup
To instruct Catchpoint which tests should link to Dynatrace AppMon, the tests require specific HTTP request headers. This can be done at the Product, Folder, or Test level.

We need to add information to the HTTP header. An example of a header could look like:
x-dynaTrace: VU=1;PC=.1;ID=4;NA=SearchPage

Where “VU”,”PC”,”ID” and “NA” are all key with values.
More information: PurePath Explained at Dynatrace Community.

Accessing Dynatrace AppMon via Catchpoint
Once a test with necessary headers has run, the test results will include a link for Dynatrace AppMon. The link will be present in the Waterfall diagram as well as in the Error Tooltip.
After clicking on the link, you will be directed to the corresponding Dynatrace AppMon dashboard.

Useful Information
You can find more information on PurePath and Dynatrace headers in the help articles below:
Client REST Interface
Integration with Web Load Testing and Monitoring Tools

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