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Catchpoint Systems Introduces the Catchpoint OnPrem Agent

Versatile, Portable Software Agent Synthetically Monitors First Mile, SaaS Applications, Connectivity Between Locations, and more

New York, NY – (May 28, 2015) Catchpoint Systems, Inc., a provider of innovative web and infrastructure performance monitoring solutions, announces the launch of the Catchpoint OnPrem Agent, a portable on-premises software solution that monitors the availability and performance of infrastructure and applications from any location within an organization.

The Catchpoint OnPrem Agent provides flexible and robust location-based monitoring for organizations with widely distributed locations. It has the unique ability to be deployed anywhere in multiple formats and with options tailored for specific uses.

Unique and Customizable Features: The Catchpoint OnPrem Agent can run from a NUC that can fit in your hand, a rackable server, or a virtual machine with Windows or Linux operating systems. It also allows multiple tests to be run simultaneously, and stores up to three years of raw data for historical analysis. The Data Center version of the OnPrem Agent runs all synthetic tests now available on Catchpoint’s backbone nodes.

Use Case Options: Catchpoint offers OnPrem Agent options to suit the needs and budgets of specific uses. These include:

“Our customers with distributed environments have been clamoring for an inside-the-firewall agent because of the need for more detailed information about their data centers and the applications they utilize,” says Mehdi Daoudi, CEO and co-founder of Catchpoint Systems. “Most customers that have deployed OnPrem agents have grown tired of maintaining these monolithic monitoring systems that were never meant to be distributed. They have also gotten used to the flexibility of a SaaS monitoring solution. Our challenge was to bring the full Catchpoint advantage to OnPrem with a product line that runs all synthetic tests our backbone nodes can, is flexible enough to easily install on any system, and with options built for the specific use cases required.”

Catchpoint also cites the increased reliance on both public and private cloud applications that’s developed over the past several years. “With the growth of the cloud, there is a corresponding need to ensure that those systems are running properly,” continues Daoudi. “In doing so, companies can ensure that their employees can remain productive and that their customers are not affected by subpar performance of these systems.”

“Maintaining efficiency within our call centers around the world, particularly in areas where connectivity is a challenge, has always been critical for us,” says Michael P. Diliberto, CIO at, LLC. “We rely on Catchpoint’s rich synthetic monitoring tools, and with Catchpoint OnPrem Agents, we’ve extended those tools into our private network so we always know how our applications are responding in any of our locations around the world.”