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Catchpoint Brings Customizable Charting Capabilities To Its End-User Experience Monitoring Platform

Industry’s first “bring your own visualization” features provide flexibility to create unique representations of any performance data

June 22, 2016 – Santa Clara, CA

Catchpoint Systems, a digital performance analytics company, today announced at Velocity the availability of fully customized charting within its end-user experience monitoring (EUM) platform. As the first to market with “bring your own visualization” capability, Catchpoint provides users with the flexibility to represent performance data in virtually limitless ways.

Using any major charting library to create unique charts, Catchpoint’s customized visualizations can dramatically simplify analysis and strengthen communication of performance data by tailoring information for the unique needs of diverse stakeholder groups within and beyond IT departments.

Currently used by more than 40 prominent brands in the retail, media, pharmaceutical, and travel industries, “bring your own visualization” can represent record-level data, aggregated data, test data, and index data across all chart dimensions including time, geography, IP, ISP, error type, and more. Custom charts can also be shared through public links or saved as widgets for integration with dashboards shared inside or outside organizations. Catchpoint’s EUM platform includes native support for popular charting libraries such as D3.js, Dygraphs, Plotly, and Rickshaw, among others.

“Customizable charting gives Catchpoint clients the power to make performance data clear and actionable by presenting information exactly as stakeholders need to see it. That means faster decisions and better understanding across teams of the end-user experience and everything that affects it,” said Mehdi Daoudi, co-founder and CEO of Catchpoint. “The result is a stronger digital customer experience, which is increasingly critical as brands compete on web performance while consumer expectations continue to rise.”

Catchpoint will be demonstrating customizable charting live at O’Reilly’s Velocity conference in Santa Clara, CA. Attendees can learn more about “bring your own visualization” by visiting the Catchpoint booth (313) at 2pm on Wednesday, June 22nd or at 2pm on Thursday, June 23rd.