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Catchpoint Announces Major Synthetic Monitoring Enhancements, with Customizable Dashboards and Charts to Meet Business Goals

“Cheetah” Release Offers Easily-shared Performance Data, Enables IT Departments to Align the Entire Organization to Achieve Business Objectives

New York, NY – (November 18, 2014)  Catchpoint Systems, Inc., a provider of innovative web and infrastructure monitoring solutions, today announced a major release of its Synthetic Monitoring platform with new customizable dashboards and chart visualizations that enable organizations to easily connect performance metrics to business objectives.

The Cheetah release, available now to all Catchpoint customers, includes new features that allow organizations to quickly understand the performance impact of application changes before customers are affected, find relevant answers faster, and relay the results to the rest of the organization, showing how performance has a direct impact on business revenue. New features in Catchpoint’s Synthetic Monitoring release include:

Enhanced Dashboards: Dashboards now allow customers to easily build customized views of real time data for different departments within their company, as well as incorporate Catchpoint dashboard data into other existing applications or intranets. These visualizations are flexible, highly interactive (drag and drop capabilities, TV ready, public sharing feature, etc.), and support multiple charting formats.

Historical Comparisons: Unique to Catchpoint, this feature provides the ability to compare performance data over multiple time periods, pre- or post-event. This allows teams to clearly see what changed and the impact it had on performance and availability of websites and web applications.

CDF Charting: This new (cumulative distribution function) charting feature allows users to instantly visualize what percentage of performance measurements are above or below any given response time. This allows targeting of specific problems without substantial investigations or calculations. Since this is cumulative, users are able to instantly visualize where in the distribution of performance measurements the outliers begin.

Correlate Multiple Metrics: Customize up to 10 metrics into unique scatterplot diagrams that allow developers, DevOps, and operation teams to better visualize change and its impact, triage problems, as well as make decisions with greater confidence.“The connection between performance and business objectives is a critical role of performance monitoring, and we now have the most visual, relevant and actionable solution set in the industry,” comments Mehdi Daoudi, CEO and co-founder of Catchpoint Systems. “With these advanced features, IT or development teams can share performance data throughout their organization and create a ‘dream dashboard’ of data relevant to their needs and the objectives of the company.”“Catchpoint’s new synthetic release offers enhanced analytics beyond what was already a strong product,” says Bryan Einwalter, Director of eCommerce Performance Engineering for W.W. Grainger, Inc. (NYSE:GWW), a Catchpoint client. “With new charts like CDF and Time Comparison, we can dive deeper into our web performance data.”Catchpoint’s Synthetic Monitoring Platform is backed by an industry leading array of over 380 international performance monitoring nodes, which provide accurate, clean-lab data free from the noise of variables outside of IT’s control. Web and infrastructure monitoring is available for websites and mobile, streaming, HTML code, DNS, APIs, server health and other IT resources.