Our Company

Catchpoint Systems is a leading Digital Performance Analytics company that provides unparalleled insight into your customer-critical services to help you consistently deliver an amazing customer experience.  

Designed for digital business, Catchpoint is the only end-user experience monitoring (EUM) platform that can simultaneously capture, index, and analyze object-level performance data inline across the most extensive monitor types and node coverage, enabling a smarter, faster way to preempt issues and optimize service delivery. More than 350 customers in over 30 countries trust Catchpoint to strengthen their brands and grow their businesses.

Core Team

Our management team brings together years of expertise in SaaS and Software Analytics solutions. Together, they're working toward the goal of creating a family of software analytics products designed to serve people building modern software.
Mehdi Daoudi

CEO & Co-Founder

Robert Ranaldi


Scotte Barkan

CTO & Co-Founder

Dritan Suljoti

CPO & Co-Founder

Yancy Oshita

Chief Marketing Officer

Arnold Sanchez

VP, Technical Services

Camille Fremed

VP, Operations

Eva Bose Chatterton

VP, PeopleOps

James Stewart

VP, Finance